Following the successful introduction of the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) Showing Wild Cards in 2015, we are thrilled to announce that this year will see a total of three wild cards awarded.  The showing wild cards will provide the opportunity for the winners to compete at HOYS 2017 in their relevant ridden section.

The Showing Wild Cards are determined by means of the LeMieux La Liga Consistency Awards.  The LeMieux La Liga Award Series recognises those who have shown consistency throughout the HOYS qualifiers this season.

The Showing Wild Cards are awarded to the highest scoring animals, taking their top five results across the qualifying season, who have not already qualified for HOYS 2017.

The Wild Card winners for 2016 are:

The winners of the 3 HOYS Showing Wildcards are…..

1) Heavy Horse Wild Card: Horsemans Ace Card (British Ridden Heavy Horse) owned by Wendy Toomer Harlow

2) Pony Wild Card: Stourton What O (Mountain & Moorland First Ridden) owned by Tamara Heathcote

3) Ridden Light Horse Wild Card: Redbridge Tiny Tom (Heavyweight Show Hunter) owned by Polly Coles

Congratulations to our three winners. We look forward to welcoming you all to this year’s Horse of the Year Show. The section winners of the LeMieux La Liga this year will win a HOYS branded saddlepad and an embroidered grooming bag (in-hand sections will win a complete grooming bag instead of a saddlepad) all kindly donated by LeMieux. The 3 Wild Card winners will also receive a beautiful embroidered rug to mark their achievement.



For more information please contact Horse of the Year Show Press Office: Tel: 02476 858205 or Email: press@grandstand.co.uk

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