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An experience to remember

Are you looking for a way to make your HOYS experience extra special? Browse our range of VIP packages below.

Whether you want to extend your stay, or catch the action in style from one our hospitality areas, we have a variety of packages to enable you and your group to have the VIP adventure! Sip champagne and enjoy the panoramic view from Champions Bar, or enjoy a fine-dining experience on the front row of the action in our hospitality grandstand.

Ringside dining at the heart of the action in the Andrews Bowen International Arena

Panoramic views of the Andrews Bowen International Arena

Gives you ALL WEEK access
to the show so you don’t miss a thing

For the M&M enthusiasts, get a great deal on Wednesday and Thursday package


Right by the action

Whether you want floorside seats or a bird’s eye view of the whole arena, you won’t miss a thing from any of our VIP ticket options. 

Champions bar gives a panoramic view of the entire Andrews Bowen International Arena, perfect for following riders around our fast-paced showjumping courses.

Or get up close to your equestrian idols in our hospitality grandstand, putting you in the heart of the action with spacious ringside seats.


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