Sorbeo Horse Bedding Sponsoring Horse of the Year Show

Sorbeo Horse Bedding Sponsoring Horse of the Year Show

We are pleased to announce the new sponsor of the Leading Pony Showjumper Class, Sorbeo Horse Bedding.

Sorbeo is made from 100% sustainable, British-grown, spruce timber and is proud to pack in the highest quality pine into every one of its bags making it a super-absorbent, cost-effective horse bedding for the 21st century.

Every milligram of moisture is removed, reducing the weight of each bag to a manageable 18kg. That means no-one pays for unwanted moisture. That’s less weight to transport and lower carbon emissions.

‘Sorbeo Horse Bedding is delighted to be part of HOYS this year. Our exciting class, the ‘Sorbeo Leading Pony Showjumper of the Year’, showcases the best-of-the-best 148cm ponies and we are thrilled to be involved.

From tree to pellet, Sorbeo uses 100% renewable energy and is a netzero, natural product offering a real alternative to traditional stable bedding. Last year we replanted 1.3 million trees – and we recycle everyone used Sorbeo bags.

Since our launch in 2014, we have dreamt of visiting HOYS and immersing ourselves in the atmosphere to cheer on the incredible riders, horses and ponies. We are honoured to be part of this world-class show and can’t wait to catch up with our customers face-to-face.’ – Fiona Hill, Marketing Director for Sorbeo Bedding.


Sorbeo Horse Bedding:

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