Showing Wild Card Announcement

Showing Wild Card Announcement

Following the previous success of the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) showing award series, we are pleased to announce that this year will see a total of Five Wild Cards awarded.  All five wild cards, finished in the top three of their relevant section, received equal points and equal placings and had not yet achieved that elusive golden ticket.

The ridden Showing Wild Cards will provide the opportunity for the winners to compete at HOYS 2022 in their relevant ridden section.

The Showing Wild Cards are determined by means of the LeMieux La Liga Consistency Awards as the series recognises those who have shown consistency throughout the HOYS qualifiers this season.  The wild cards are determined using the top five results.

The winners of the HOYS Showing Wildcards are as follows:

1)            Pony Wild Card: Finglands Braveheart, Mountain & Moorland Ridden Highland owned by Gemma Stanford

2)           Pony Wild Card: Kingstown Dara, Mountain & Moorland Ridden Connemara owned by Mandy Jackson

3)           Pony Wild Card: Bounceback, Intermediate Working Hunter Pony owned by Olivia Grant

4)          Horse Wild Card: Alfie Conner, Middleweight Hunter owned by Lyssa Sheppard

5)           Horse Wild Card: Lambswith Moonlight Bay, Lightweight Hunter owned by Anne Hebron

We look forward to welcoming you all to this year’s Horse of the Year Show. The full list of section winners of the LeMieux La Liga this year will be announced next week.

For more information about Horse of the Year Show please visit or call 02476 858205.

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