Displays galore at “The World’s Most Famous Horse Show”

Displays galore at “The World’s Most Famous Horse Show”

Displays galore at “The World’s Most Famous Horse Show”

Horse of the Year Show, “The World’s Most Famous Horse Show”, is thrilled to announce details of their exclusive displays for this year’s Show. Atkinson Action Horses present LIMITLESS, a never-seen-before equestrian extravaganza combining both stunt riding and liberty work. With a performance showcasing stunts as seen in the movies, the range of captivating equestrian skills will be sure to wow every spectator in the arena. The company is owned and run by the Atkinson family, who have devoted the past 20 years to providing highly trained horses and riders for film, television and live events. A far cry from the local historical pageants where they began, the Atkinson family now supply horses and riders for popular dramas such as Poldark, Peaky Blinders and Victoria. Atkinson Action Horses are no strangers to HOYS as they wowed the crowds in 2012 performing The Final Charge. This year they promise to thrill, excite and astonish audiences with high energy, breathtaking and death defying stunts; you won’t want to miss this piece of Horse of the Year Show drama.


The second display for HOYS 2017 will be The Story of the Caspian Horse, a varied yet insightful display showcasing the breed’s versatility and incredible intelligence. Visitors will be taken back through time to 1965 when one of the oldest horse breeds on Earth, the hardy yet graceful and distinctively petite Caspian Horse, was rediscovered in northern Iran. Find out how this remarkable horse walked out of ancient history and into our lives through demonstrations of horse-back archery, high-speed driving, a polo demonstration and the elegance of side-saddle. Renowned for their smooth, floaty action and kind nature, they can turn their hoof to any discipline. As a horse breed driven by Prince Philip himself, they still to this day remain a dwindling breed yet have so much to offer. Visitors will be able to find out more about the Caspian Horse and even meet one in person in our Meet the Horses area, located in the Retail Village.


They say good things come in threes, and this is no exception. Delivering the Dressage Masterclass for HOYS 2017 will be none other than our former Olympic Gold medallist, Charlotte Dujardin. Who else better to learn from than a lady who has worked her way up from riding as a groom to becoming an international dressage superstar, breaking world records and inspiring riders across the globe? Visitors can watch Charlotte’s Dressage Masterclass on Thursday 5th October, where it will be held in the Andrews Bowen International Arena. Charlotte will put the riders through their paces whilst sharing some invaluable training tips and competition advice.


Tickets for Horse of the Year Show 2017, taking place from 4th – 8th October at the Genting Arena, Birmingham’s NEC are now on sale. Call the Box Office on 0844 581 8282 or visit https://hoys.co.uk/book-tickets to secure your seat. 

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