A four-way tie in the Five Fence Challenge

A four-way tie in the Five Fence Challenge

The best of British Showjumping enjoyed centre-stage on day three at Horse of the Year Show held in Birmingham, in a thrilling Five Fence Challenge competition. Teenagers Harry Charles, Robert Murphy and Joseph Stockdale all shared top spot with Helen Tredwell after they agreed to a tie following four rounds of high-octane jumping.


The course of five fences sees jumps increase in height after each round. There is a maximum of five rounds, with riders gaining points as they go. The winner is the competitor with the most points after five rounds, with any combination collecting a fault being eliminated.


In the end, the classy quartet could not be separated, with Helen aboard Sebastian VII being joint winners in the class for a third successive year, while 19-year-olds Harry and Joseph – sons of Olympic showjumpers Peter Charles and Tim Stockdale – and 17-year-old Robert also collected £2,730 each.


“They were massive jumps by the last round,” said Buckinghamshire-based Helen. “Sebastian was amazing, he tries his heart out. It’s the third time he has been equal first in this class, and he grows in confidence with each round. As the fences get bigger, he gets better. These are talented riders alongside me today, and they certainly keep me on my toes!”


Hampshire-based Harry’s ride Sieco showed considerable promise in front of a sizeable audience in the Andrews Bowen International Arena, and he said: “I am delighted with my horse. I’ve got big plans for him this weekend. Hopefully, he is going to jump the grand prix on Sunday. And the size of the jumps, I thought it can’t get any bigger, so I was happy to share.”


Lancastrian Robert, who rode Caluna Z, said: “It was a great class, but I think we were ready to finish after the fourth round. My horse gave me a great feel.”


Last but by no means least, Northamptonshire rider Joseph, following his fourth round aboard Don Diego de Plata, added: “I am over the moon. I wasn’t expecting that. I have never really tested him out in that sort of competition before, so I am really pleased with him.”


* Audio interviews with Helen Tredwell, Harry Charles, Robert Murphy and Joseph Stockdale *






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