Shopping / Exhibitors

2019 Exhibitors list for HOYS 2019

Trading As Stand #
A Touch of Silver I71
A&J Boots D73
AMZ Saddles H72
Andrews Bowen K80
Anglo European Studbook G61
Appaloosa Horse Club UK L14
Aztec Diamond Equestrian J80
Baileys Horse Feeds I52
Balanced Horse Feeds J20
Balanced Horse Feeds L18
Barkers Equestrian E70
Bedroom Athletics B40
Big Bobble Hats Ltd D76
Black Country Saddles H21
Black Heart Equestrian G70
Croome Cuisine D42
Blazewear I80
Bloomfields Horseboxes K30A
Botanica D70
Brass Tacks D62
British Horse Society G71
British Show Horse Association G53
British Show Pony Society G51
Buckover Bibs F22
Butternut Box D60
C | N Millinery E42
Calvin Horse H43
Cancer Research H23
Carl Scarpa I75
Casada D44
Casada Health and Beauty G31
Catering Unit J30
Catering Unit E80
Celebrity Rocks D30
Celebrity Rocks D34
Charles Taylor L72
Chillout Horsewear B33
Cleveland Bay Horse Society G63a
Click Heat I51
Click Heat D46
Clip Clop Designs F82
Cobra Belts F85
Collier & Dobson D10
Coloured Horse And Pony Society G45
Condessa Welsh Liqueurs G34
Cookware Kings D71
County Equestiran Jewellers F24
Crafty Ponies L82
Crown Jewells I83
Cwell Equine D33
D & J Saddlery E64
Dales Pony Society L16
Darcy & Wolf E47
De Luciano HL20
Delanns Jewels C20
Harringtons F31
Dogs Trust C42
Domingue2 products D72
Drimee A55
Drovers Way G64
EC Pro B50
Eclat Equestrian K70
Edinburgh Gin E65
Ella and Cherry F20
English Bridles E63
EQ Concours d’Elegance Society of GB G63
Eqclusive F73
Equestrian Book Fair F76
Equestrian Escapes I81
Equesttrian Index HL10
Equi-Jewel  by Emily Galtry H50
Equine America C21
Equine Learning L20
Equikro J43
Equiport K65
Equipride C50
Equissage Pulse D21
Espayo Equestrian J60
Fairfax & Favor E40
Flapjackery G55
Foxdenton Estate E43
Foxology HL16
Freddies Flowers H85
Frontline Equestrian Ltd F75
Gallop Equestrian K60
Galloping Geldings G30
George Elliott H31
Graham Smith Art D64
Greyhound Trust C52
Grays 1922 F21
Greek Souvlaki G62
Guide Dogs HL2
Gypsy Margaret Lee Palmistry F72
Hardy Etc G78
Heaven and Earth C54
HeightLight I61
Hello Fresh D51
Highland Pony Society G43
Holland Cooper K71
Horse Direct K75
HorseQuest UK E20
Horsy H82
Horzehoods A50
House of Tweed B22
House of Tweed D20
HOYS Merchandise K90
Hush Hush Chefs G60A
Huw Hall Framing H73
HydroTherm E45
I.C.E Horseboxes K40
Iconic Kids Wear G73
Ifor Williams Trailers B70
Ifor Williams Trailers B60
Illustrations By Shannagh-Leigh H71
In The Saddle I79
Ivy & Duke E10
J & T Plumes G75
John Deere I20
Joshua Jones A20
Joules Ltd K50
Juppi UK HL19
Just Chaps H60
Kin Vodka H64
Kramer Equestrian J40
Langdon European Ltd D32
Lava Artworks HL7
Le Beau Cheval I64
Leisure Shop Ltd E75
Libbys H45
Lister Group – VW – Honda I40
Lister Group – Jaguar – Land Rover HL1
Lord & Lady Equestrian I60
Lorenzo The Flying Frenchman L70
Lucinda Frances A30
Macmillan Cancer Support H65
Martasha Jewellery HL6
Mary of Inworth B41
Maxima Equestrian C30
Mini Jumps G80
Mobile Massage D61
Doggy Bag & DriRug F30
Misty Cashmere HL4
Mochara Equestrian E72
MOJO Europe I70
Mr Fox F33
National Pony Society G41
New York Delhi G60
Nova Whisk J25
Oakley Lambourn Coachbuilders J10
Olvossa G50
Pamper Yourself Now C35
Paragon Equestrian I53
Perfect Tipple D50
Persie Distillery G77
Pirate Pony HL9
Posh Muckerz E41
Pulse Magnetics D40
Real High E50
Reaseheath College J51
Renapur F79
Retraining of Racehorses K55
Richardson Designs H74
Riders Feet B45
Risley Saddlery H70
Rowan Barbary D75
Röwer & Rüb E60
Royal Equestrian H40
Royal Acropole Country wear C41
Ruby Cosmetics C40
Rudds Wellies H35
Ruff and Tumble E61
Russell Home Interiors & Gifts HL5
Scott’s of London D52
Sculpture To Wear B31
Seating Block I30
Seating Block D80
Second Skin F34
Sederholm F10
Seesaw Children’s Clothes D53
Shawbury Wine H52
Showing Selection I50
Showing World HL13
Show Pony Prep HL18
Sigma Products F83
Silver Steed F71
Snowdonia Cheese H41
Sovereign Horseboxes K30
Spinney Cottage Crafts D68
Sport Horse Breeding GB G65
Startsmart I84
Steve Dent Carriages G20
Stinky Stuff C51
Stubben Riding Equipment J52
Sunfire Spirits H83
Super X Country I82
Supreme Products C31
Sutton Antiques C46
Swish Bedding J22
Tails.com I63
Tatton Horseboxes C60
The Amaze Brush D31
The Awning Company G74
The Champagne Cave B30
The Chocolate Fondue Company H80
The Equine Law Firm E71
The Flying Fox C10
The Gift of Oil H61
The Horse Education Company G72
The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery G47
The Mane Dealer C22
The Mediterranean Delicatessen Company G40
The Profiles Range B32
The Royal British Legion F81
The Showing Register F70
The Wandering Pizza G35
Theraplate UK A60
Thomas & Co A40
TJS Saddlery H84
TopSpec B20
Townfields Saddlers J70
Traditional Gypsy Cob Association G67
Treehouse Sporting Colours H55
Tri Equestrian J50
Truviv F80
Turmeric G31a
Unbridled Art I73
Vineyard Elite H22
Vineyard Elite D22
Warwickshire Clothing H30
Welligogs H20
Whittaker Coachbuilder International C70
Woodland Trust I77
Wychanger E30