Update from HOYS the puppy

Michelle Lane News

I can’t believe I am already six months old and almost halfway through my puppy training! I have been told I am progressing well with my training and hitting my milestones. Although I am now going through my “teenage phase” so I can get away with being a bit grumpy. I worked out how to get into my food box and manged to win myself some extra grub – sadly my puppy walker has shut it away now to stop me from getting my paws on it. Recently, I got fitted with my new workwear and I think I look very professional in my blue jacket if I do say so myself.  It means I can go to lots of fun places but also shows that I am a dog in training and taking the next steps into the big wide world.

As I am now fully vaccinated I can now explore more of the world on my own four paws and run off some of my endless puppy energy. Even though I enjoy spending time running free off the lead, I don’t like to go too far away and always come back when the whistle is blown even if I pretend not to hear my mum sometimes. I have been given a special training collar as sometimes I can get a little bit excited when out on our walks, but I think it’s just because I am going to be big and strong when I grow up.

I have recently ventured into the big wide world of public transport – the bus and the train! Although some of the gaps between the platform and the train can look a bit daunting it is quite fun once on my new mode of transport – Much faster than walking! I have also been practising going up and down lifts and stairs and need to make sure I don’t take anyone out on my way up and down.

I loved seeing so many of you at Horse of the Year Show and getting lots of cuddles and attention – and not forgetting all of the photo opportunities! Looking forward to seeing you all at HOYS this year, and keeping you updated on my training.


Bye for now