Showing round-up Sunday 9 October – daytime

Showing round-up Sunday 9 October – daytime

Dream team win the British Ridden Heavy Horse of the Year Championship
Sunday at Horse of the Year Show is the day for the heavy horses. The first showing championship of the day saw Westfield Calendar Girl flying the flag for the Shire horses to be crowned the British Ridden Heavy Horse of the Year Champion 2022.

Ridden by Emma Green, the eight-year-old black mare gave a mannerly performance for ride judge Michaela Bowling, before being judged on conformation by Tom Brewster.

Ecstatic about their win, Emma said: “I am so pleased that someone else appreciates her as much as we do. She works so hard and she always gives a 100%, even when you are not asking for it. She’s like nothing I’ve ever had before.”

Emma bought the mare as a three-year-old unseen having previously owned her brother and taken a liking to the bloodlines. The mare is now under new ownership with Lindy Winship but very much remains with Emma throughout the year.

“This is our first time winning this championship at HOYS and she owes me absolutely nothing. She’s just phenomenal and she’s also qualified for the in-hand later today,” said Emma, referring to the Shire Horse of the Year Championship, supported by the Shire Horse Society.

When asked what the secret is to a good Shire horse, she added: “In a Shire horse you want the movement but with the ridden class you want something which is forward and willing to go. She rode effortlessly in there today and she absolutely loved it. We make the dream team.”

The British Ridden Heavy Horse of the Year Championship was introduced to Horse of the Year Show in 2016 to promote the very best of the heavy breeds and their ability to perform on a world class stage, showcasing their potential as a true show horse under saddle. It is for purebreds registered with British Studbooks of the Shire, Clydesdale, Suffolk or Percheron Societies.

Diamond Geezer wins the BSHA Riding Horse of the Year Championship
Diamond by name and diamond by nature, the stunning Large Riding Horse winner from earlier in the day, Diamond Geezer, shone bright under the spotlight of the Andrews Bowen International Arena to be crowned the 2022 BSHA Riding Horse of the Year Champion.

Ridden and owned by Darren Crowe, the pair put on a remarkable display of true showmanship, just knocking last year’s winner King of Clubs to second place.

“He’s just amazing!” said Darren. “He takes it all in his stride and is the most genuine horse. He loves the crowd; he’s a real showman.”

Having achieved previous wins at Horse of the Year Show in the Purebred Arab Championship, this is Darren’s first win on a horse he owns himself. “My previous wins have been for the owners, but this one is for me. It does feel different when it’s your own horse. He just comes alive in the arena; he gave the judge a lovely ride this morning and I can’t wait to ride him in the supreme this evening. He is one of those horses that when you sit on him, he makes you feel proud.”

Now nine-years-old, the eye-catching grey gelding known as Crumpet will be leaving the show ring behind next season to embark on a new dressage career with Darren.

A well-deserved win for Warleigh Blushing Groom in The Binks Family Show Hunter Pony of the Year Championship Warleigh Blushing Groom worked his incredible charm to scoop The Binks Family Show Hunter Pony of the Year Championship, ridden by 13-year-old Daisy-May Allen. Known as Joey, the 10-year-old chestnut gelding was the winner of this morning’s 133cm Show Hunter Pony class and turned it up a notch to impress the judges in the championship this afternoon.

Enjoying her first win at Horse of the Year Show, Daisy said: “That was incredible. This is our second season together and we have had him at home this year to get more used to one another. Today it just felt like I clicked with him.”

The young jockey from South Wales has had a successful season winning at the Royal International Horse Show with her Welsh section A, Crumpwell Harry Potter (also second in the M&M small breeds junior ridden final at HOYS this week) and now scooping her first HOYS win. “It feels like a dream, it hasn’t sunk in. My mum, dad and quite a lot of my family have been here this week to support me. To prepare for HOYS we have just been working him at home and did lots of hacking. We haven’t introduced him to the music or anything, but he seemed to quite enjoy it,” said Daisy.

Speaking to Daisy’s proud mum, she said: “He was produced by Kevin Cousins and Christina Gillett for Daisy and then we have had him at home with us this year. It has been a good year with the ponies, but Daisy has been quite unwell after being diagnosed with anaemia, so she has been in and out of hospital a lot. She has worked really hard though, and she really deserves this.”

Amblynn Tiramisu rises to the occasion to take the Miniature Horse of the Year Championship
The six-year-old black stallion, Amblynn Tiramisu, made quite a statement to take the spoils in the Miniature Horse of the Year Championship with handler Charlotte Leonard. The almighty young stallion gave Charlotte her first HOYS champion title after standing reserve on four separate occasions.
“To finally win is a dream come true. I’m lost for words,” said an emotional Charlotte. “My dad passed away a couple of weeks ago and he always encouraged me to chase my dreams. This one’s for him,it means the world.”

For his first trip to Horse of the Year Show, Teddy as he is known at home, was lapping up the attention. “He’s quite the little showman,” said Charlotte who has had him since a three-year-old. “He loves his job and always rises to the occasion.”

Perfection all the way to the Coloured Horse and Pony of the Year Championship sponsored by CHAPS (UK)
Living up to her name, Wot Perfection rose to the occasion to stand champion in the Coloured Horse and Pony of the Year Championship sponsored by CHAPS (UK). Ridden by Richard Telford, the nine-year-old mare made sure she captured the attention of judges Sue-Helen Shuttleworth and Gillian Wright with her impressive elegance and style.

“That was the best feeling in the world,” said Richard. “She just lit up in there and felt incredible.”
The show producer has mostly worked with mountain and moorland ponies and show hunters so was delighted to bag his first win in the coloured championship.

“We’ve had her since she was five, but we haven’t shown her a huge amount as she took a while to mature. Instead, her owner Lindsay has done lots of dressage work with her and general hacking. She’s really come into her own this year and gave a lovely performance in there today.”

Owner Lindsay Mccullough who works full-time as a lawyer describes her as a real family horse: “I fell in love with her from the moment I saw her, and I knew she had star quality. She’s not only just a HOYS champion but she really looks after me in the saddle. I am the most nervous rider, and she is an absolute gem. I hack her out and do some dressage with her and then Richard works his magic – it’s all thanks to him.”

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