SEIB Insurance Brokers to give £100K in 2019

SEIB Insurance Brokers to give £100K in 2019

Following the success of the launch of SEIB Giving in 2018, SEIB Insurance Brokers will grant £100,000 to good causes in 2019. The winning charity will receive a grant of £50,000 and another £50,000 will be split between other good causes.
SEIB are asking the general public to put forward their nominations for the charity they would like to see win the £50K. Nominations are now open and will close on the 30th November. Once a shortlist of charities has been drawn up, SEIB clients will have the final vote for their favourite project. The winning charity and runners up will be announced at the SEIB Charity Awards Luncheon on the 22nd March 2019.
SEIB Chief Executive Officer Barry Fehler explained: “We were delighted to be able to hold our first Charity Awards in 2018 and owing to their success the total amount we have for charity has doubled to £100,000 for 2019. SEIB is so successful because we are totally customer focussed and this is another way that our clients can have their say.”
Always known for ‘putting something back’, SEIB is a commercial business with a charitable purpose. The company insures numerous charities and not for profit organisations. SEIB is an independent broker but is ultimately owned by a charity called the Allchurches Trust Limited and profits are used for good causes. The aim of SEIB’s immediate owner, the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Plc, aims to give £100million for good causes through the Allchurches Trust by 2020.
No charity is too small to be in the running for the 2019 SEIB charity giving, but turnover is capped at £15m. The grant will have to be used for a specific project which will make a true difference to the cause it is aimed at. All charities will need to be UK registered and projects are to be UK based but past winners will not be eligible.
Mr Fehler continued: “SEIB believe that some of their company profits should be used to contribute to the common good. Our company really wants to make a difference — for example, £50,000 could fund a new sensory room at a children’s hospice, a kennel or stable block for an animal charity or for a homeless charity to purchase more facilities. The choices are endless.”
Giving is embedded in the culture of SEIB. From supporting grass roots competition that gives opportunities to amateur riders that they could only otherwise dream about, right through to the company’s long-term commitment to the Animal Health Trust who are developing a vaccine for Grass Sickness.

To find out more and to nominate your favourite charity please visit:

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