Horse of the Year Show welcomes a Delicious new sponsor – Annabel’s Deliciously British

Horse of the Year Show welcomes a Delicious new sponsor – Annabel’s Deliciously British

We are thrilled to welcome Annabel’s Deliciously British as new sponsors of the First Ridden Pony, Lead Rein Pony, and the Mini Show Pony of the Year Championship.

Founder Annabel Makin-Jones say: “I am delighted to be able to sponsor the children’s Lead Rein and First Ridden Show Pony classes, it’s a privilege to be a part of bringing equestrian competition at such a high level to children of such a young age. Showing was where I started, and it was a fantastic grounding to understanding horsemanship, competition, and work ethic.

She continues, “As the world, equestrianism and competition evolves it is crucial that we strive to be more inclusive. And for that reason, there will be two new awards for 2024 in the Lead Rein and First Ridden Classes. The “Show Rider of the Year” in both classes will be judged on ringcraft & riding ability allowing the rider to shine in their own right for their hard work and dedication to improving their own ability. In a world where personal development and education is paramount, we should celebrate this right from the start giving the incentive for the next generation to strive for more and in turn reap the rewards.”

Annabel’s Deliciously British is a food brand that produces exquisite products for people who care about taste and provenance.  From the field to the fork, they produce strawberries, rhubarb, daffodils and preserves bringing the very best of British Products all year round. The brand is one of the best-selling in Booths, the chain of high-end supermarkets in the North of England and supplies Ocado, the world’s largest dedicated online supermarket, as well as a growing list of premium food and beverage retailers and restaurants.

Grandstand Media, organisers of Horse of the Year Show said: “We are thrilled to have Annabel’s Deliciously British join us as a sponsor of the Mini Show Pony of the Year, and we are delighted to be working with them to introduce two new awards for the competitors in this class for 2024. We look forward to developing this new relationship over the coming years and look forward to welcoming them to the show in October 2024 where we are celebrating our 75th Anniversary of the show.”

Horse of the Year Show takes place from 9th – 13th October 2024, we can’t wait to see you there!

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