Great British In-Hand Show leading into The Price Family Supreme In-Hand Championship

Great British In-Hand Show leading into The Price Family Supreme In-Hand Championship

Introduced in 2021 the Semi-Final series for The Price Family In-Hand Championship at Horse of the Year Show has proved a popular addition into the calendar for in hand competitors. 

The series was introduced to enable breed shows and shows offering a smaller variety of in-hand classes, with the opportunity to host a semi-final.  The winner of the semi-final shows then come forward to the In-Hand Championship to gain qualification for the renowned and prestigious championship at HOYS.

To continue to build on this successful series the Semi-Final Championship will relocate from Stoneleigh Horse Show to The Great British In Hand Show taking place on Saturday 2nd September 2023.  This relocation is with the intention of providing in-hand competitors greater scope to compete and exhibit their animals at a dedicated in-hand championship.

Speaking to organisers of The Great British In Hand Show, the National Pony Society, they commented “The inclusion of the Price Family Semi-Final Championship into the Great British In Hand Show will add another exciting dimension to the show and we are delighted that Grandstand Media have allowed us this opportunity.” 

Chairman Jayne McAuliffe continued, “The Great British In Hand Show was created by the National Pony Society to provide a platform for breeders and producers of our wonderful native ponies and the British Riding Pony. By offering an exciting and electric evening performance to crown the best of each breed plus our champion home produced and home bred ponies, the NPS aims to breathe new life into the in-hand sector.”

Jemima Walker, Equestrian Manager of Horse of the Year Show commented “As a show we are committed to continually developing this series for the benefit of competitors and breeders of all light horses and ponies, irrespective of breed or type.  The feedback from this series for in-hand competitors has been greatly received and we trust that this move will see this series continue to grow in strength and depth. Working with the National Pony Society we hope to support the work that they are doing for the future of the Riding Pony and the broader promotion of in-hand competition.”  

This year the Great British In-Hand Show will take place at the Oakridge Arena near Newark, which will provide competitors and sponsors with a wonderful location and facilities. 

For your chance to qualify for the Great British In Hand Show and to be in with a chance of Horse of the Year Show qualification the list of Semi-Final Shows will be available on the website soon.

Horse of the Year Show takes place from 4th – 8th October 2023, we can’t wait to see you there!  To stay up-to-date with the latest HOYS news and to be the first to know what’s happening, sign up to our newsletter here:


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For more information on The Great British In Hand Show 2023, please visit National Pony Society

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