Clarity on Horse of the Year Show rules

Clarity on Horse of the Year Show rules

In response to the Horse & Hound article “HOYS outlaws unapproved tack for warm-up” released on 19th July 2017, we would like to provide clarity to the Horse of the Year Show rules.

We can confirm that the only rules that have been amended in the Horse of the Year Show rulebook as of the 7th July are Section 3 (d) and (e) pages 6 and 7 respectively, contrary to the article, no other rules have been changed or amended.  We can confirm that bandages or protective pads are permitted in exercise and/or warm-up, however they are not permitted in the class.  This is an existing rule Section 3 (g) vi page 7, which remains unchanged.

Rules that have been changed/added on the 7th July are detailed in bold below:

Section 3

(d) Riding Hats

(i) Correctly secured British Standard Skull Caps/Riding Hats that meet current approved BSI or European Safety Standards MUST be worn by riders 18 years and under, riders competing in Intermediate, Mountain and Moorland classes and riders in the jumping phase of the Working Hunter Horse/Pony.

(ii) Competitors are reminded that hats should have a plain cover and should be as per the guidelines set out in the specific class and/or society ruling; black, navy, blue, brown, grey or green as appropriate.

(iii) A rider whose hat comes off will be disqualified.

(iv) A rider, whose strap comes undone whilst competing must on penalty of disqualification, replace it or fasten it before continuing. The rider may stop without penalty to refasten the strap.


(e) Dress

(i) All riders when competing must be suitably attired for the Class or Championship as per the guidelines set out in the specific class and/or society Please note gaiters may be worn however chaps are not permitted in any class or championship.

(ii) Body protectors may be worn and are recommended whilst competing in Working Hunter Pony classes.

(iii) It is prohibited for competitors to have advertising or team branding on any item of clothing or hat when competing in the ring, manufacturers names/labels common to the product are excluded.


For more information please contact Horse of the Year Show Press Office on 02476 858 205 or email

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