British Horse Feeds Speedi-Beet set to sponsor HOYS Grade C Championship for a further five years

British Horse Feeds Speedi-Beet set to sponsor HOYS Grade C Championship for a further five years

British Showjumping is delighted to announce that Speedi-Beet from British Horse Feeds will be continuing their alignment with the British Showjumping HOYS Grade C Championship for a further five years. In 2021, British Horse Feeds will celebrate a sponsorship milestone and mark a decade long association with this Championship.

The British Horse Feeds Speedi-Beet HOYS Grade C Championship is for registered horses in Grade C as at the 1st April of the current year and they are to be ridden by an Adult, Associate or Junior member. The series culminates with the Championship Final at Horse of the Year Show at Birmingham’s Resorts World Arena in October.

Speedi-Beet from British Horse Feeds is a highly nutritious, quick soaking beet pulp feed which is high in fibre and can help to aid rapid rehydration for performance horses whilst optimising energy release rate. This is due to the soluble fibre in Speedi-Beet, which has a high water holding capacity increasing the amount of fluid in the horse’s hindgut. This reservoir can then be drawn upon during prolonged exercise to help replace water lost through sweating.

British Horse Feeds also produce Fibre-Beet, a quick soaking, super-fibre conditioning feed. It is a formulated blend containing all the benefits of Speedi-Beet with added high quality alfalfa for optimum condition and to provide quality protein for muscle tone and function. Fibre-Beet can improve energy intake whilst keeping fibre levels at an optimum to help maintain a healthy gut throughout the stresses of a busy competition season.

British Horse Feeds recently extended their range to include their NEW Cooked Linseed. An ideal addition to any feeding regime, the 100% whole linseed is cooked and micronised to provide the highest quality nutrition. The British Horse Feeds Cooked Linseed is a key provider for protein and oil to help benefit performance, condition, skin and coat and general health.

Will I’Anson, Sales Director at British Horse Feeds, commented “It was an easy decision to carry on with the Speedi-Beet HOYS Grade C. HOYS is very much an anticipated date in our calendar amongst the team and the build up with the qualifiers across the country is great. We are big supporters of the sport and thoroughly enjoy working with British Showjumping.”

Maria Haig, Head of Communications at British Showjumping added “The team at British Horse Feeds have shown great enthusiasm and passion for the sport over the last eight years of their sponsorship and we are delighted to be announcing a further five years of alignment. The HOYS Grade C Championship has proved to be the perfect fit for their flagship product Speedi-Beet and we are very much looking forward to celebrating a decade of sponsorship in 2021.”


Image: Angie Thompson & Fremont VDL – British Horse Feeds Speedi-Beet HOYS Grade C Champions 2019. CREDIT 1st Class Images

Notes to Editors:
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Speedi-Beet from British Horse Feeds:
British Horse Feeds, makers of Speedi-Beet, is the equine feed division of I’Anson Bros Limited and is based in Masham, North Yorkshire. British Horse Feeds is best known for its flagship product ‘Speedi-Beet’ which, thanks to the unique patented process has revolutionized the feeding of beet pulp. Speedi-Beet has improved nutrient availability and soaks in just 10 minutes, compared to 24 hours for sugar beet pellets. It’s a great way to add quality fibre to your horse’s diet for slow release energy. Fibre-Beet, a formulated blend containing Speedi-Beet and alfalfa has the benefits of Speedi-Beet with extra conditioning. For more information contact British Horse Feeds on 01765 680300 or visit our website on

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