A change in results for showing class at Horse of the Year Show 2018

A change in results for showing class at Horse of the Year Show 2018

Grandstand Media Ltd, organisers of Horse of the Year Show, would like to announce that there has been an alteration to the results of The Binks Family 153cm Show Hunter Pony of the Year class due to the disqualification of the 6th placed pony, Carnsdale Toyboy. This has resulted in 7th – 10th placings being moved up the line by one place. Everyone involved has been notified of the place changes and the revised results are as follows:

1 1535 PENSTRUMBLY OUR LATIF Ms Victoria Thomas David Thomas
2 1539 VALENTINO III Jessica Timperley Kate Marfleet
3 1538 TONCYNFIGG LIBERTY X Ms Julie Bankier Kate Bankier
4 1533 MERRYCORNER MISTER BUI Ms Harriet Dennison Shirley Dennison
5 1541 WOLFERLOW ESPERANTO Josephine Ready Sarah Ready
6 1528 CLOONAGH HEATHER DAWN Ms Olivia Maltby Louise Maltby
7 1523 ASSAGART KITTYWAKE Martha Jobling-Purser Patricia Duncan
8 1531 JEANFIELD REGAL PRINCE Ms Jodi Gregg Lynn Gregg
9 1534 MR OSCAR COOKSON Danielle Goldrick Danielle Goldrick
10 1524 BALLINAGORE SURPRISE Olivia Bowen R F Bowen


For more information about Horse of the Year Show, please contact the Press Office on 02476 858205 or email press@hoys.co.uk

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