Press Accreditation Guidelines

For eligibility for press accreditation for Horse of the Year Show 2021:

1. The applicant MUST be part of the editorial team, or on an assignment for, a specific publication, broadcast media or news service attending to specifically cover the event, or who has substantially previewed the show.
2. The applicant MUST submit a letter of assignment, on the assigning company’s letterhead, detailing the request for press accreditation.

Only recognised editorial staff and photographers will be considered for accreditation and editorial evidence thereof may be requested. Press accreditation must be completed prior to the show. Please note that all other individuals are deemed visitors and cannot be granted press accreditation.

Only accredited photographers can take pictures at the show. Press accreditation alone does not allow photography to be permitted.

Each application will be assessed on its own merit, but, due to the high demand for press accreditation, the number of press accepted is limited.


1. Freelancers – All requests from freelancers should be submitted in writing and signed by the editor confirming commissioned coverage of the event.
2. Websites – Only editorial staff from relevant websites may apply for accreditation. Websites using information and news linking from other sources will not be accredited.
3. Broadcast – Accreditation for reporters should be submitted using the accreditation form. All requests should be in accordance with standard broadcasting guidelines and subsequent guidelines of the organisers.
4. Photographers – Accredited press photographers are not permitted to sell their images to competitors or the public. Photographers will only be accredited to take photos for press or sponsors and not to sell to competitors or the public either at the show or through any websites post show. Failure to comply with this request may result in future accreditation applications being denied. In signing and submitting this accreditation, photographers agree to supply the organisers of Horse of the Year Show with a variety of high quality images taken at the Show, by email or by CD-ROM, by 30th October 2021. These images may be used copyright free with no moral rights asserted for the future promotion of Grandstand events.
Grandstand Media Ltd will only provide photographs to third parties for the promotion of past, present and future events it organises. All enquiries about image use for non-Grandstand Media Ltd events will be directed back to the photographer.
5. General – The organisers reserve the right to decline any application which does not meet the accreditation criteria.


Thereafter, applicants whose accreditation has been accepted will be sent details of how to collect their passes at the show. Please be aware that applicants may also be asked to email a passport size head and shoulders photograph to the Press Office as part of their accreditation.