Tonight is Puissance night

Tonight is Puissance night

It’s Saturday at the Horse of the Year Show, whilst there is so much incredible equestrian action on offer, there is one thing that defines Saturday night at the Horse of the Year Show.

Tonight is Puissance night.

The past two days have been wholly action packed, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with so many amazing, passionate people, all who have come to the Horse of the Year Show in a different capacity.

I was lucky yesterday to take a look around the trade stands, I got to meet Lee and chat with him about his beautiful Palomino ‘Dusty’ – it was great to learn more about the British Palomino society and of course have much needed Dusty cuddles.

I love the wide variety of trade stands we have at the Horse of the Year Show… I allowed myself the opportunity to dream a little as I had a guided tour of the Oakley Supremacy – I am just in awe of the finish on this beautiful horse lorry – it’s stunning.

My eyes were drawn to Diane Hennchen art stand.  What struck me was the fact that not only was she working at HOYS selling her artwork, but she was painting at the same time.  I thought it was a really unique insight into the proc

ess of her artwork, it was amazing to chat with her and see the detail of her work up close.  Unbelievable talent.

Whilst checking out the stands, I couldn’t not go and size up the Puissance wall – Geez it is always bigger

than I remember and I have huge respect for the competitors who line up to take part in this daring competition.  They provide us such breath-taking entertainment, unbelievable feats of athletic skill and unforgettable memories.  Is it bad that I can’t wait to blast out ‘Sweet Caroline’ as the wall gets higher and higher?

We must talk about the amazing skill and horsemanship displayed by Alizee Froment; Graceful, harmonious and elegant, I love the magical quality to her display.  It is awe-inspiring and I cannot wait to watch her again over the duration of the weekend.  We are so lucky to be able to watch her at the Horse of The Year Show – her UK debut.

Yesterday I was privileged to have the opportunity to go to the stables and meet the team from Oakley Hunt West, returning, defending champions in the Prince Philip Cup. It was brilliant to meet the team and hear how long they have been involved with the Pony Club.  We talked about the team spirit which has been imperative to their success, and I love the fact they all hang out both at and out with the Pony Club – friends for life.

The team who are

competing at HOYS are the exact same team members who lifted the Prince Philip Cup last year and they are hoping to once again emulate that success.  They have already taken home some silverware from HOYS 2018, after lifting the Thistledown Development Trophy earlier in the week.

At the end of HOYS a prize is awarded for the best turned out ponies and the best looked after stables throughout the duration of HOYS. All I can say is the stables, tack & ponies are immaculately kept, everything is pristine – just beautiful.

Yesterday marked the start of the International Jumping Classes at the Horse of The Year Show.  Wow – such talent!  I was lucky enough to watch the class from the stands where the riders and grooms view from.  It was great to watch the focus and the passion of riders and their support teams.

There is still so much I want to do and see at HOYS 2018, so I am going to sign off here and get going.  Today we will perform two displays, both our futuristic and Cuban routines as well as giving a talk in the LiveZone – we can’t wait.

Tonight in amongst all the action, all eyes will be firmly fixed on the big red wall.


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