HOYS Awards

HOYS Awards Series

Introduced in 2012 the Horse of the Year Show Awards Series, has enabled us to recognise the achievements of competitors and breeders alike throughout the showing season.

The Horse of the Year Show Awards are run in three series:

The awards are made possible thanks to the Grandstand Online Entries System, which collects data and awards points to horses/ponies for Horse of the Year Show Showing qualifiers.

These awards have become much sought-after accolades for competitors and breeders, and this will once again be celebrated at Horse of the Year Show with a presentation evening for all of the winners.

Kellythorpes Leading Breeder Award

The Kellythorpes Leading Breeder Award recognises the unsung heroes of the showing industry – the breeders. Through the Kellythorpes Leading Breeder Awards, there will be more scope to recognise both a breeder with a number of high quality ponies that are placed in numerous qualifiers, and a smaller breeder who has bred one pony that subsequently is consistently placed throughout the season. Please see the sections and points scale below.

Kellythorpes Leading Sire Award

The Kellythorpes Leading Sire Award merits the horse/pony whose progeny qualify for Horse of the Year Show, as well as those whose progeny are consistently placed in qualifiers.

In the Awards for Leading Sire and Leading Breeder, the following sections are not eligible for award points: Shire In-Hand Horses, Ridden Heavy Horses, Racehorse to Riding Horse, Harness Horse and Pony, and Supreme In-hand.

For both the Kellythorpes Leading Breeder and Kellythorpes Leading Sire Awards, categories for horses and ponies and the points scale is as follows:


Coloured Horse/Pony
Hunter Pony
New Forest
Show Horse
Show Pony
Welsh Section A
Welsh Section B
Welsh Section C
Welsh Section D

Points Scale

1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 5 points
3rd place – 3 points
4th place – 2 points
5th place – 1 point

A list of the top contenders for each series will be published at least once during the qualifying season. These will be posted within the competitor zone section of the Horse of the Year Show website.

More Information

For more information about the awards, email awards@grandstand.co.uk or call the Grandstand Equestrian Department on 02476 858 205.

A full set of terms and conditions for these awards can be found here


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