Shopping / Exhibitors

2017 Exhibitors

Organisation & Stand Number

A Touch of Silver D91
A&J Boots D71
Alexanders Horseboxes H100
Amelia Jane L32
Andrews Bowen Ltd M100
Anthony O’keefe – Speculation Gallery E85
Arion Equestrian  C56
Arkell & Wills H24
Aspire for Health and Happiness H34
Atkinson Action Horses M92
Ayr Equestrian K70
Aztec Diamond Equestrian UK (LTD) J47
Bags Plus (UK) A30
Baileys Horse Feeds D62
Bareback Equestrian C75
Barkers D110
Beauty Gate H37
Berber Leather H36
BID Designs D60
Big Dog Bed Company  G31
Blacks Cheese D51
Blingitt B61
Bossy Bibs  D75
Botanica International Ltd D90
Brass Tacks D61
Bretvents Ltd E82
British Horse Society G82
British Show Horse Association G61
British Show Pony Association G63
British Showjumping F50
Buckover Equi Bibs E23
Calvin Horse H43
Carl Scarpa K20
Casada UK D53
Caterkwik E96
Cats Protection C/o The Professional Fundraiser Ltd D21
Charles Taylor Trading M30
Classic Collection Ltd J70
Claudio Lugli Shirts C64
Cleveland Bay Horse Society F54
Click Heat (H & Z Corp) H25
Clip Clop F80
Cobra Belts D92
Coltsfoot Equestrian E61
Comfort Gear A70
Condessa Welsh Liqueurs E36
County Equestrian Jewellers E24
Crafty Ponies A80
Crofton and Hall B22
Crown Jewells J22
Cumbrian Heavy Horses D22
CWD Sellier G94
Cwell Equine D54
D & J Saddlery E62
David Redman E98
Delanns C20
Devoucoux Sellier G96
Diane Hennchen Art I80
Dogs Trust (Charity Link) E34
Drimee Ltd A60
Drovers Way Catering Ltd G66
Eileen Douglas Tack Shops D72
Emphasize B60
English Bridles I70
Eqclusive H92
Equestrian Bookfair Limited G84
Equestrian Clearance Sales (ECS Online) D100
Equiclass Ltd J35
Equine and Country  I60
Equine Essential Olis HL17
Equino Chaps B70
Equiport Ltd K60
Equisafety Ltd I90
Equissage Pulse J30
EquiTack Ltd T/A Voltaire Design G20
Espayo Equestrian H95
Esther Marie Photography K41
Euro Therapy – NPR Therapy Ltd C70
Fairfax and Favor HQ E56
Feedmark B30
Fiona Cork Showing H50
Foxdenton Estate H35
Freddy’s Flowers G15
Freestep C54
GPA Helmets M90
Gray’s Country Gifts  G30
Guide Dogs (charity Link) HL1
Gypsy Margaret Lee H33
HayGazer HL10
Hays Equestrian  G32
Heaven and Earth E55
Highland Pony Society Breed Show G53
Holland Cooper K30
Hope Valley Saddlery K80 & K90
Horse and Hound B75
Horse Bits (Hartford Horse Bits) E70
HorseQuest UK E50
Horze Hoods Ltd A85
Houghton Country T/A Horse Direct K105
House of Tweed D20
Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd B80
In The Saddle D70
Jess Hill Art HL12
Jonty Equestrian C52
Joshua Jones UK A20
Joules Ltd L60
Just Chaps Ltd E60
K Co UK D24
Karen Crook Art H90
Kate Negus Saddlery Ltd J40
Kitted in Cashmere HL15
Kramer Equestrian C72
L C Trading H44
Lazy Jacks D64
Le Beau Cheval I78
Leisure Shop E100
Libbys Ltd H56
Lintbells Ltd E32
Little Alf HL4
Lou Grey Cashmere B50
Lucinda Frances K42
Luxury Tweed E81
Mackenzie and George H22
Magnetic H31
Martasha Jewellery and Gifts HL5
Mary of Inworth B52
Maxima Equestrian C25
MicroCam I81
Microfibre Store Ltd D52 & D34
Mrs Candy Collections C30
Nabatea E92
Nags Essentials B69
Nairn’s Oatcakes D82
National Pony Society G67
Naylors Equestrian L20
Noble Outfitters K50
Oakley Lambourn Coachbuilders J10 & H20
Odin Engineering G64
Olivia’s World E90
Olvossa Ltd G80
Opatra H38
Oxhouse Country Store Ltd G25
P J Pet Products E94
Parkgate Equestrian E80
Paso Fino association (society) F56
Penstocks H42
Perfect Tipple Limited J32
Peter Stunt K25
Philomena London K40
Poetic Licence G60
Ponies Paradise C24
Premier Horsewalk B63
Promotional Smiles HL13
Proven Products Ltd B54
Realhigh Limited H45
Redpin Publishing – Showing World Magazine F62
Renapur Ltd. D30 & D31
Richardson Designs Ltd. H52
Riders Feet E20
Risley Saddlery H80
Royal Acropole Countrywear E30 & E22
Royal Equestrian E103
Ruby Cosmetics HL9
Rudds Wellies E93
Ruff and Tumble J24
Salamo C50
Scotts of London J21
Sculpture To Wear Ltd B45
Sederholm Selected H10
Seesaw Children’s Clothes Ltd G90
Shock Innovations (Thermavet) HL8
Showing Selection J55
Silver Pink B65
Silver Steed G92
Slipquiz Ltd J60
Snowdonia Cheese HL18
Snuggy Hoods Ltd I82
Sole Mates HL3
Sovereign Horseboxes Ltd L40
Soxtrot UK G52
Spinney Cottage Crafts E63
Spry Candles B55
Stable House F65
Startsmart L30
Stormchase Ltd F63
Supreme Products Ltd J45
Supreme Sausages Ltd G36
Sutton Antiques Ltd D55
T.C.Tack Ltd H70
Tangerine Holdings (Carr & Day & Martin) E83
Tatton Horseboxes E105
The Amaze Brush E54
The Big Horse Shop D32
The Boot Room H23
The Brooke D50
The Champagne Cave B40
The Chocolate Fondue Company D63
The Flying Fox G10
The Foot Health and Sports Therapy Clinic C85
The Gypsy Cob Association G65
The Jewellery Stop D85
The Mane Dealer H65
The Mediterranean Delicatessen Company G50
The Pony Club F64
The Showing Register G51
The Sock & Shoe Co. A75
The Stable Box B53
The Yorkshire Clothing Company G100
Thomas & Co A50
TJS Saddlery I75
TopSpec Equine Ltd B20
Townfields Saddlers Ltd J80
Treehouse Sporting Colours Ltd H60
Urad Leather H41
V – Bandz LTD B32
Vale Brothers Ltd – Thermatex H72
Valentte HL19
Vintage Collectable Clothing J20
Voyager Innovations F51
Waring Brooke H55
Warwickshire Clothing J50
Welligogs L35
Westgate Giftware H40
Westhill HL6
When it’s scone It’s Gone G22
Whittaker Coachbuilder International Limited C90
Wonkey Donkey Bazaar F55
Woodland Creations F61
Woodland Trust HL14
Wychanger Barton Saddlery F20, F30 & J100
Zebras in Disguise H54