2011 Equestrian of the Year

This year we are delighted to present the HOYS Equestrian of the Year award to Davina Whiteman

Davina is a name synonymous with Showing success and expertise and as such has had a huge influence in the industry over the years.

One of the top pony producers in the UK throughout the 60’s and 70’s, Davina produced ponies with great success, including ponies for well known brothers, Stuart and Nigel Hollings. Her career progressed from competing, to producing and training and into judging and reputation for perfection as always preceded her. In addition to these numerous roles, she is the vice-chair of the showing council and an Elite Trainer at Ponies UK.

Davina was one of the founders of the showing society Ponies UK and has had a key role in building the society to where it is today. Davina decided to retire from the day to day running of Ponies UK in 2006 but still remains as the chairman in the consultancy role. Her role enables her to advise on training, the Elite Riders, sponsorship, Ponies UK Shows and how to move the organisation forward. At the announcement of the retirement, the board at Ponies UK commented, “they would like to acknowledge the huge contribution Davina has made to Ponies UK” also that they are “delighted to retain her extensive expertise and knowledge.”

Davina has been not only a regular to the show, but a true supporter, whether competing, producing, training others or judging. Horse of the Year Show is thrilled to recognise her contribution to British equestrianism with this award.