Junior Mountain & Moorland Ridden Pony of the Year sponsored by Ponies Association (UK)

*Please note that some qualifiers have been changed so please check the list carefully for any updates. 

Show Visit Website Start Date End Date
NPS Spring Festival www.nationalponysociety.com/spring-festival/ Postponed – Date to be announced Postponed – Date to be announced
The Showing Register Spring Show www.theshowingregister.co.uk/qualifying-shows/spring-show/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
South of England www.seas.org.uk/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
Royal Three Counties www.royalthreecounties.co.uk/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
Royal Cheshire County Show www.royalcheshireshow.org/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
Royal Highland Show www.royalhighlandshow.org/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
Royal Norfolk Show www.royalnorfolkshow.rnaa.org.uk/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
Monmouthshire Show www.monmouthshow.co.uk/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
The Showing Register Summer Show www.theshowingregister.co.uk/qualifying-shows/summer-show/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
New Forest & Hampshire County Show www.newforestshow.co.uk/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
NPS Summer Championships www.nationalponysociety.com/summer-championship/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
Stoneleigh Horse Show https://www.bsnationalchampionships.com/showing/ 07/08/2020 09/08/2020
National Welsh Championship Show www.nationalwelshshow.co.uk/ 08/08/2020 09/08/2020
Midland Counties Show www.midlandcountiesshow.co.uk/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
Ponies UK Summer Classic www.poniesuk.org/ 16/08/2020 16/08/2020
BSPS Summer Championships www.bsps.com/championship-show-dates 26/08/2020 29/08/2020
NPS Area 4 Summer Show www.npsarea4.com/ 31/08/2020 31/08/2020
Moreton in Marsh Show www.moretonshow.co.uk/ CANCELLED CANCELLED
NCPA Staffordshire County Festival www.ncpa-staffs.com/events.html 11/09/2020 12/09/2020
Derbyshire Festival www.derbyshirefestival.co.uk/ 12/09/2020 13/09/2020
Native Breed Ridden Festival Website coming soon 13/09/2020 13/09/2020