The louder you scream, the faster they go!


True edge-of-the-seat stuff, the adrenaline pumping Osborne Refrigerators Double Harness Scurry Racing is a test of speed and accuracy. Teams of two ponies in harness, one driver and a groom race to see who can complete the course in the least time. 

Each team has to weave its way through a course of 10-12 pairs of cones as fast as possible. The driver must be careful not to knock any balls off the tops of them or risk gaining time penalties.

The teams also have to negotiate a slalom and box, making tight 180 degree turns with just 20cm margins to spare. There's little room for error as they gallop around the course! Usually, ponies would slow down at these obstacles, but over the years the teams have learned to negotiate these with as much speed as the rest of the course.

The reigning 2016 champion is Jemma Millman with her own Piglet and Eeyore.

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