March 27, 2014 at 11:42 AM

HOYS logoWith reference to the Talking Point within the BSPS Area 2b report on page 72 of 27th March 2014 issue of Horse & Hound, information regarding Working Hunter Pony Classes has been misprinted. It should, in fact, read:

“In non-qualifying Working Hunter Pony Classes, riders may now compete up to two ponies of the same height in a class. But only the first pony to jump will be competitive and go forward to second phase judging. The second pony will not go forward to second phase."

Please refer to BSPS Rule 155 of the 2014 BSPS Rule and Handbook.

Please note, this rule does not apply to any classes that qualify for Horse of the Year Show or The Royal International Horse Show.

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