October 08, 2014 at 7:06 PM

HOYS logoHorse of the Year Show was delighted to confirm the UK debut of Doma en Libertad with Antonio Fernandez “El Paqueto” for the 2014 edition. Unfortunately, it has become evident that the atmosphere in the Andrews Bowen International Arena is overwhelming for Antonio’s horse and organisers have decided it would be unfair to put him under any more stress. It has therefore been decided that this display will be removed from the remaining four days of Horse of the Year Show 2014.

At such short notice, it is not possible to find a replacement for Thursday and Friday’s performances, however, the World Vaulting Championship gold and bronze medal-winning Eccles sisters will be performing in the slots previously occupied by Doma en Libertad with Antonio Fernandez “El Paqueto” on Saturday and Sunday.

The spectacular Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry, presented by Home Farm Hothorpe and the Mulbrooke Stud, remains as a feature display.

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