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This year saw an exciting season of intense competition and we are thrilled to announce the winners of the Tagg La Liga Awards Series. The Tagg La Liga Award Series recognises those who have shown consistency at Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) qualifiers held around the country.

New for 2015 was the introduction of the HOYS Showing Wild Cards. All horses and ponies that top their relevant ridden section of the Tagg La Liga Awards, but who have not already qualified for HOYS, had the chance to be awarded a Wild Card entry.

The Wild Card winners for 2015 are:

Ridden Pony Winner: Prince Nestor and Clarissa Dugmore (Connemara)

Ridden Horse Winner: Drumconnick Diamond and Annette Buckingham (Cuddy Working Hunter)

In addition Grandstand Media Ltd. has decided to award an extra Wild Card to an outstanding Arab horse. This award recognises the different points system that is used in the Arab classes when accruing points throughout the Tagg La Liga Award Series.

The additional Wild Card winner is Perfect Design LA and Stephanie Eggleston.

The Tagg La Liga Award winners in each section are as follows:

Lightweight Hunter - Proper Little Miss

Middleweight Hunter - Bloomfield Tetrarch

Heavyweight Hunter - Sir Flint

Working Hunter  - Royal Gent

Small Show Hunter  - Maximus VIII

Ridden New Forest - Harvey's Magic Moment

Ridden Connemara - Nire Valley Charlie

Ridden Fell/Dales - Greenholme Warbler

Ridden Highland - Moss-Side Mclaren

Ridden Dartmoor/Exmoor/Shetland - Moortown Honey Boy

Ridden Welsh A - Brynrodyn Darius

Ridden Welsh B - Northlight Coppellia

Ridden Welsh C - Cwmythan Easter Express

Ridden Welsh D - Cefnbangor Rob Roy

First Ridden Pony - Castlemead Andy Pandy

Lead Rein Pony - Firle Kingfisher

122cm Working Hunter Pony - Chetwynd Caspar

133cm Working Hunter Pony - Synod Ieuan

143cm Working Hunter Pony - Lowhouses Monarch

Exc.143cm Working Hunter Pony - Bisterne Diva

Ladies' Side Saddle Horse - Conspiracy Theory

Small Hack - Sharlen Royal Enclosure

Large Hack - Whittakers Prince

Small Riding Horse - Casino

Large Riding Horse - Corbally Lucky Boy

Lightweight Cob - Woodfield Choice

Heavyweight Cob - Copycat

Maxi Cob - Colebourne

Coloured Ridden Non-Native Pony - Palmira

Coloured Ridden Non-Native Horse - Stoneyraikes Ringmaster

Coloured Ridden Native/Cob/Traditional Pony - Miss Marple II

Coloured Ridden Native/Cob/Traditional Horse- The Life Of Riley

Show Hunter - Noble Star

153cm Intermediate Show Riding Type - Runnon Ruby Tuesday

158cm Intermediate Show Riding Type - Runnon Watergate

128cm Children'S Riding Pony  - Rotherwood Rainmaker

138cm Children'S Riding Pony  - Landemann Peony

148cm Children'S Riding Pony - Scallywag II

First Ridden Pony - Barkway Precocious

Lead Rein Pony - Barkway Tell Tale

Ridden Partbred Pony - Rotherwood Another Peep

122cm Show Hunter Pony - Hightopps Allegro

133cm Show Hunter Pony - Scalacre Eclipse

143cm Show Hunter Pony - Lindeth Talisman

153cm Show Hunter Pony  - Carnsdale Iron Lady

Lead Rein Pony Of Hunter Type - Overley Gamebird

133cm Working Hunter Pony - Precious Gem II

143cm Working Hunter Pony - Riversdale Magic Heart

153cm Working Hunter Pony - Freckleton Maximus

Intermediate Working Hunter Pony - Carnsdale Beltane Poppy

Ridden Purebred Arab – Mg Vaquero

Miniature Stallion - Spotlights Bo Diddly

Miniature Mare/Gelding - Donabi Uk Uno Colour Fairy

Miniature Youngstock - Karosel Alamo'S Tarantella


The 54 winners of the Tagg La Liga Award Series will receive a certificate in recognition of their achievement and a special HOYS rug.




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